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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Facebook Comments & Plugins Comes Pre-Installed With Template

BlogrCart Mukabuku comments is converted to reviews and still uses Blogger default commenting system. The cool things is that the Blogger comment system styles has been upgraded with custom styles in making sure the entire template layout fits nicely.

For PRO versions, users can opt for the pre-installed Facebook comment system. Users are required to create your own App ID at facebook in order to fully utilize the comments system included. A full tutorial with illustrations is included to quick start your own App ID with facebook.

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$ 128.00

Product Images Displays Professioanally at BlogrCart MukuBuku Template

Product images at BlogrCart MukaBuku displays nicely & handled automatically by the template itself! Unlike other Blogger templates available on-line, this template will display your product images more professionally, centered, cropped to size, not distorted, not pixalated (depends on your image uploads (min 480px x 480px in image size) which can be an eye sore.

Be it your images uploaded in squared, landscape wide, portrait view sizes, the product images just fits pixel perfect. We strongly advise to use a standard portrait or squared image size for best screen presentation. A 4:3 image ratio at 900px X 600px (below 100kb) image size is ideal especially to cater Blogger server bandwith limitations for any blog.

Switch on Blogger built-in zooming features & your product images centred perfectly at your screen. More great ways to display your products to your customers from your Blogger blogspot store!
$ 35.00

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